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Charlotte Philo
Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor
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"I absolutely hate run of the mill exercise but absolutely LOVE dancing, but could never find any classes I really enjoyed, I even gave Zumba a go but it got boring very quickly! I'm also a very anxious person and find going to gym/classes an uneasy experience. Then I found 'Clubbercise' a class I finally found enjoyable, great music, great routines, a fantastic instructor who's enthusiastic and has a great energy and to top it off, it's all in the dark so no need to feel self conscious or anxious anymore ! Easy to get addicted to and great for any age as you can go at your own pace! Fantastic."

(chanell - clubbercise)

"This year I knew I needed some help to get back on track with my fitness & the best decision I made was to get in touch with Charlotte for PT sessions, she is really motivating & she pushes me to do exercises I would never do on my own. Her classes are challenging but at the same time really fun. I Can't wait to see the progress after another 4 weeks"

(becky - personal training)

"I started going to classes in January then had 6 weeks personal training with Charlotte and still do 2 classes a week. I've lost 15lb, 6 inches and 7% body fat yey!! I am now within 'normal' range. Love the classes (wish I could do more) and the PT. Charlotte is very helpful, supportive and motivating! She has helped me with cleaning up my diet and kept me on track!! Highly recommended"

(michelle - personal training)
 "Really enjoy bootcamp with charlotte, though she works us hard she encourages us and pushes us in a positive way, shes a great fitness instructor. always smiling and even when were sweating its contagious."
(sarah, Bootcamp Stevenage)
"Just the best teacher. Always enthusiastic and inspires you to push yourself. All of Charlotte's classes are excellent and my fitness levels have improved massively since I started nearly 3 year's ago. Would highly recommend to everyone"

(cathy , all classes)

"I started doing Clubbercise in May of this year. I was recommended by my lovely friend. Well I'm hooked! Charlotte is full of enthusiasm and energy. You don't think you're exercising as it's so much fun. No need to feel self concious, it's done in the dark. It's great for ALL ages and helps you get fit and lose weight. Thank you Charlotte."

(Angela - clubbercise)

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