Charlotte Philo - Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor - Fitness Classes
Charlotte Philo - Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor -

Clubbercise is the NEW fitness class about, and it so much fun!!
Dancing along to your favourite old/new club tracks. lights out, disco lights on and glow sticks in hand will leave you buzzing!!

This is a class ideal for anyone, with the dark atmosphere it is easy to feel comfortable and more confident

check out my clubbercise facebook for videos and regular updates




*Tuesdays 7:30pm at Knebworth village hall 

*Thursdays 7:20pm barnwell upper school Stevenage


Bring a water bottle and wear something comfortable.
All class are ideal for all abilities, sizes and ages Classes are £6.00 pay as you go.
After 10 classes youll receive a free class - dont forget to pick up your loyalty card at class .
Bring a new friend to class and receive an extra stamp on your loyalty card, bring 2 and your class is FREE! 

CLASS DISCOUNT - if your attending more than 1 class in the week. then pay upfront on your first session and each class will then only be £5 each 


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