Charlotte Philo - Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor - Mobile Personal Training
Charlotte Philo - Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor -
Mobile Personal Training
Needing some motivation to reach your goals, whether its losing weight, toning up your body, or overall wellbeing and fitness?
I am a mobile personal trainer, i can train you in the comforts of your own home/outside when needed. i provide all equipment, so no need for a gym environment.
Working around your own times and days that suit you!

FIRST SESSION FREE!! (30 minutes)
First session will include a health appraisal
*Blood Pressure & Heart rate reading
*Body measurements
*Body composition (fat percentage)
*discussion of goals
1 hour session pay as you go - £27.00
1 hour session pay as you go including unlimited classes that week -£30.00

5 1hour sessions package - £125.00
5 1hour sessions including unlimited classes - £140.00


Personal Training Testimonials

Couldn’t recommend Charlotte’s classes/ PT more! Not only are the classes a great work out but you meet lovely new friends. The classes are like a big family. It can be quite daunting attending a work out class on your own but everyone is so lovely and welcoming.  Charlotte is always energetic, smiley, bubbly, friendly, caring, kind, hardworking and pushes you to your best ability. Broken her toe? she will still be at classes, throat infection? she will she be at classes, pregnant? She will work right up until she has to push (which really was the case). She is so determined and hates to let us all down. There are always easier alternatives so great for all fitness levels. I first started classes and PT to loose weight and to improve my health little did I know that there would be so many benefits. Had a bad day at work go to class and you will feel much better (your partner will thank Charlotte for this haha). I was diagnosed with pcos (polycystic ovary syndrome) at 18 (10 years ago) Since working with Charlotte I have now been told that my pcos is reversing my cysts have completely gone and my hormone levels are starting to get back to normal. I can not thank Charlotte enough for her hard work and encouragement. She really has made me the best version of me but there is always room for improvement so she isn’t getting rid of me anytime soon. 

Danielle - Personal training client

I have been training with Charlotte for the past 2 and a half years and I can’t thank her enough for the progress I have made! I have her to thank for a complete lifestyle change and love of exercise. Charlotte’s sessions are always challenging and more often than not, leave me unable to walk for a couple of days afterwards (it doesn’t sound it, but that is a good thing!!) Charlotte has always been so helpful and has provided me with dietary advice and home workouts to keep me motivated. I would highly recommend taking on the sessions with the classes included as they are amazing and great fun. Charlotte’s love of exercise and fitness is infectious and if you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, do not hesitate and book Charlotte up! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or get fit, you will be in the best hands. Thank you Charlotte

Maisie - Personal Training client

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